to love someone while rocking/supporting a mullet
Gabe is munching Meghan
That guy is munching her
by davemullet February 23, 2010
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spitting some game to get with a girl
Ima bout to get some munching tonight!, cause ima pussylover!
by Fanta nigs September 6, 2010
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When two people find a dead pregnant lady. Guy 1 puts his mouth on her pussy, guy 2 jumps on her stomach; guy 1 then eats the baby coming out
Guy 1: Dude, me and kev went munching
Guy 2: WTF, that is disgusting
by YourNeighborhoodSpiderMan October 12, 2011
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"munching" formally known as "mingling" is when girls act sexy in front of you to get attention. Their motive is to make others feel jealous and to get you to spend more money on them. It's typically seen at bars and is annoying as fuck. These girls offer nothing to society and will only have sex with you once they have you under their fucking finger. Stay away from girls who are munching.
"Hey todd did you ever get that girls number last night?"
"No she was fucking munching so I punched her in the camel toe"
by 24Jumpstreet22 December 19, 2014
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A munch is someone who’s only use is eating pussy without getting anything in return.
Girl, I don’t want him, he’s just a munch.
by Goatedsensei September 5, 2022
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A eater, or a super simp who do anything for a girl off the thought that she is feeling him.
by longidoanlstiff August 17, 2022
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a munch is a nigga that be eating the box, also eating it because he thought the female was into him .
You thought I was feeling you? that nigga a munch , nigga a eater he eat it for lunch”
by crackerphobic4.0 September 6, 2022
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