An extreme simp. Usually a simp that can't get the picture. He's usually played by women, spending all of his money and time trying to impress girls, but never gets a quality woman. This simp is usually submissive and spends time on facebook trying to message women and write status's that make him look like a good man. He is known to cock block others and tries his best to "save a hoe"
"Man, did you read that guys status on Facebook? that guy is a super simp"
by streetscience August 08, 2014
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A man who has gone far beyond being a simp and has become far worse

Someone who is so taken over by the constant need for Pussy or girls that it’s the only thing they talk about
Super Simps spend most of there time talking to girls nonstop but failing to even get anything at all

They will do anything if they think it will get them some action with a girl they will white knight, make multiple accounts to beg to be unblocked, and even pay females for a little love

Super Simps are the lowest class of simps
“I caught jamel being a super simp I heard he was paying for premium snapchats and making multiple accounts begging girls to unblock him”
by Not Dylan rooberts January 28, 2020
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A challenge where one has to simp as much as possible or at any given opportunity during the entirety of September.
-Stop Simping, it's not cool!
-No no no. It's Super Simp September, I have to!
by Screw_JayDuck September 18, 2020
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A super sayian simp is a man wich is in his 50’s and is Stalking and Simping a girl who is under the age of 24. The man tries to impress and buy expensive things for the main target ( the girl ) and waits everyday looking at snap map, stalking the poor female target and waits for her to get out of the house and starts following her around. When he finds her he asks her if she wants to go shopping and buys her Louie Vutton, Gucci, Prada and Chanel, after the shopping if she says “Thanks Bro” then the Simps dick disappears and his balls and he becomes The Super Sayian Simp, never being able to get a girl or have sex.....
Dad, he’s been following me and buying super expensive things for me but I don’t like him, I think he’s a Super Sayian Simp...
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