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Munchausens is a rare, possibly ficticious, disorder that is perfect to use in a situation where one has to get in or out of a social obligation, family event, or work or school obligation. It is rare enough, that when you mention it, people raise their eyebrows in awe, not wanting to question this serious condition. Works best to say your 'friend' has Munchausens, because if someone actually does Google it, you won't want them to think you really have it. The perfect 'out.'
Chauncy: "Hey Karen, do you want to go with me to Opera in the Park tonight?"
Karen: "Oh, wow, thanks, sounds great... unfortunately my friend Jill... her Munchausens's bad."
Chauncy: "Sounds awful..."
Karen: "yep... Munchausens... " Then look down, wipe a tear. Change subject.
by Fun&Nice September 11, 2016
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Taken from Münchausen's syndrome, a person who does improper and annoying things to direct attention to themselves.
That guy who keeps spilling his water must be a münchausen. He just wants the attention.
by pureevilPB March 21, 2009
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A person who injures themselves or others on purpose, fakes illnesses/injuries or makes up outrageous sob stories to get attention/sympathy from others. Derived by Munchausens Syndrome, which is named for Baron Munchausen.
She's a Munchausen, all she wants is attention and she'll get it any way she can.
by PearlieGirl July 19, 2018
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