A group of people in a department that have to deal with all the IT problems within an company or organzation. These problems are dealing with dumb asses users 99% of the time.
The helpdesk is the first and last people you deal with from the IT department.
Humm... It says press any key, I don't see the ANY key.
I think we need to call the helpdesk. Then the helpdesk employee shoots himself.
by Andy September 2, 2004
This "Desk" is probably a phone number. No one bothered to change it to "Help Number".

Anyway, the "Desk" is India and someone in India is eating Chinese food (do they eat Chinese food in India?) at 2 AM with a headset on their lap talking to dumb and/or frustrated Americans. He's thinking "Surely you learned to activate your PD Flag for application recognition right after you learned to tie your shoes." But he doesn't say that, he's very polite. The highlight of working at the Help Desk is getting to remotely access some American's computer. Maybe they have embarrassing pictures, the latest Hollywood movies, or top-secret military documents up on their screen.
"Hello. You have reach the IT Help Desk. To hear the system status, please press 1. To talk to a customer support analyst, please press 2. If you would like to chit-chat about the latest computer games or other nerdy technical topics, please press the secret passcode. If you do not know the secret passcode, please wait on the line. The secret passcode is 4-5-3-5-1-0-0."
by Hybrid_131 January 4, 2009
a person who fixes issues that others cant. a magical person who knows all, and knows how to fix almost everthing. Truly magnificent, and impossible to live without
"Miranda is the best Help Desk Supervisor in the land, she fixed my networking issue"
by Anon20 October 8, 2022