A cute ass bitch, has a fat ass but stupid as hell. She doesn’t stop falling for the ugly fuckboys that clearly want to use her.
by kkenzie hahah February 03, 2020
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A sexy muscular black man who has multiple women fall at his feet
Wow look at that fitty he’s such a Muna
by Yuiop69 September 28, 2019
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munaa wonderful name meaning wish or desire. a muna is a pretty, intelligent girl who is liked by everyone.
by desiregirl October 05, 2008
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a sexy girl
who is higly respected
soon is going to be the first black female president of the united states of america

god bless muna
1.i love muna
2.damn i want that muna
by butt head May 09, 2005
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in Finnish = egg or dick
anna minulle muna! = give me an egg!
ime minun munaani! = suck my dick!
by mikkookkim January 11, 2006
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Someone who puts their/someone's dick Inna bag of Doritos and licks it clean.
Person 1:Yo,did you hear what Jacob did last night?
Person 2:what?
Person 1:he did a dirty muna!
by Smol pp xav August 28, 2020
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