someone that you devote time of day to that you hope will acknowledge that effort and become your #1 fan
Look, there's Kevin talking to his number one fan...she actually looks interested.
by eyes for you November 19, 2009
Park jongseongs number one fan is the one and only heterosexual4jay she is the definition of jays number one fan you search up jay and she pops up right next to him 😂💯
by JASS4L January 16, 2022
An incredible person on tiktok who has pink hair and is @lawfeys number one fan
P1: Who is @lawfeysnumber one fan?
P2: It’s @lawfeys number one fan!
by urfavgirlboss190 June 28, 2022
This mainly applies to television series that have ran for over a year. One episode number one fans are people who see one episode of a popular television show and try to integrate themselves into the fandoms of said show much to the annoyance of actual fans of the show who have been there since day one. They will usually try and strike up a conversation with an actual fan but most fans are not interested in somebody who knows barely anything about the series and will ignore them. This usually leads to them becoming aggressive over not being included in a fandom they know nothing about and will often accuse the fans of gatekeeping.
“Omg I love this show so much! I ship this character and that character!”

Real fan: “dude you’ve only seen one episode, stop acting like you’re a die hard! You are literally one episode number one fan.”
by Millyfnaf June 26, 2021
THE number one frogbio fan!!! (AKA THE ONE AND ONLY... LESBIANFORKYOKO!!!) (AKA ME)
"are u the number one frogbio fan?"
"who else would i be????"
by lesbanyue April 29, 2022