Type of skirt that a man wore who won a bet against Brendon Urie
I lost a bet to a guy in a chiffon skirt, i make these high heels work
by Phanic! At the Brendon August 06, 2017
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chiffon is french for a cloth
oi ellie wheres ya chiffon?
by johnny monk November 03, 2006
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Sexy gown that girls wear before they are about to get laid.
Worn with only a thong underneath. Good for looking at tits.
good for people wo do not have enough time for sex, but want to see a girl naked
by hi January 18, 2004
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the consequence of when a man procedes to insert his penis into a woman's vagina without adequate lubrication, whether natural or artificial; the irritation resulting after dry sexual intercourse; a rash that occurs from a lack of vaginal moisture when engaging in sexual acts
My selfish boyfriend didn't perform cunnilingus before we had sex, now I have a raw chiffon.
by Lil Meow Meow February 06, 2013
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French translation: clothing. It is used as Chiffon meaning clothing on. Dressed and ready. Meaning a desire to battle or get into any conflict.
Im Chiffon lets go get em'.
by Chiffon cakes: dressed & yummy October 14, 2018
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