my depression buddy when i’m depressed and i need some music to listen to
“Dude I’m sad as hell. Time to listen to Phoebe Bridgers to numb the pain.”
by stinky butthole July 26, 2021
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Musical artist known for her albums “punisher” and “stranger in the alps”. Also has album called boy genius with Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus. She is really hot. She wears skeleton outfits a lot. I love Phoebe Bridgers and so should you
“I’m going to listen to funeral by Phoebe Bridgers and cry”
Waiting room is my favorite Phoebe Bridgers song”
by Bfndndndbdbdb1 October 19, 2021
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Phoebe Bridgers is an American Artist from Pasadena, California. She creates Indie/Alt music and has two albums, Punisher and Stranger in the Alps. She also has another EP with two other wonderful artists, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker, called Boygenius. She has collaborated with many artists such as Taylor Swift, Lord Huron, MUNA, and more. She is super gay and funny, & drop dead gorgeous! She is very admirable and I’m gay for her, honestly.
Phoebe Bridgers is my favorite artist, she is such an amazing writer. I’m so emo for Phoebe Bridgers.
by laurencimswife November 22, 2021
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Phoebe Bridgers is an artist who makes really sad, but poetic and beautiful music. Her latest album Punisher just came out, but if you’re new I’d recommend watching her Brooklyn Steel performance first. She’s kind of emo and kind of uncool, but we love her anyway.
Who is Phoebe Bridgers?
oh, she’s just my favorite singer. let’s go listen to funeral together and cry?
by phoebebridgershoe December 13, 2020
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"So, do you believe in God?", "Yes, Phoebe bridgers."
by phoebsstan April 28, 2022
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lgbtq+ icon musician, legend the world isn't worthy of
friend: did you hear that phoebe bridgers has a new music video??
friend 2: yeah, and phoebe waller-bridge directed it
by fast_runner.bean December 7, 2020
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