Muna is just the most remarkable girl around and is capable of the most extraordinary of things. She’s everything a guy could ever ask for. She stuns you by her beauty and great personality. Her voice just embodies joy to you and every time you hear it you just find yourself smiling out of nowhere and most of all so genuinely happy. She has the most magnificent pair of brown eyes that are almost as deep as the Pacific Ocean (maybe even more) and you just find yourself absolutely lost in them at times. Her laugh sounds like a symphony within your heart and makes your heart feel content and very much in love. You’ll find yourself falling in love with this girl again and again each and every day. She’s full of excitement and surprise, a witty and sharp mind and can put out a gem of a joke once or twice (or more likely, every time). This girl is just the biggest blessing. Truly. There is no one else quite like Muna.
I’m so lucky, she’s my Muna
by Namjonaseyo September 26, 2021
The most amazing and prettiest person you will ever meet and keeps secrets , will eventually become your bestie and never let you down
Muna: hiiiii
by princessbubblegum20 October 14, 2019
The most amazing and prettiest girl you will ever meet and will keep your secrets, have your back eventually become your bestie and never let you down
by princessbubblegum20 October 14, 2019
the most perfect, intelligent, strong, independent woman in the world. She is by definition, a dream woman. Her selfless and caring personality is unmatched. She is the light in a world filled with darkness
I am in love with Muna.
by September 8, 2020
A short girl, nice short hair, nice, v funny and pretty. Will always make you laugh and will want some people to only be her bestie. She has a group of friends that either are mad at her, or love her! A Muna’s birthday is in February. All Muna’s are amazing and one day will be popular! I love you Muna 💞
Manal: where’s my friend Muna?
by I’m Muna’s Bestie ;) February 12, 2020
An amazing girl that will always make you laugh. She’s is super pretty inside and outside and is always kind hearted to everyone she is one of the nicest people you will ever . So if you get her you better keep her because she RARE .
Wow! That muna must be for Mahamed.
by Madtingmad June 10, 2018
She's very pretty, mad dressing, Lagos babe, cute, figure 8. Every boy is falling for her but she only likes mixed boys. Loves animals and is a libra. has many friends from everywhere, and everyone always likes her.
I have a crush on muna
by D3LTA.queen_ April 14, 2020