Hindi word/slang for muslim female, mostly used to refer muslim women from age 15 to 35. Mostly used in hindi heartland of northern India.
Eg : guy 1 : what is the one thing you like about pakistan?
guy 2 : nothing but their beautiful mullis . Beatufil in entire south asia.
by CaptainBangalore June 21, 2021
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“Mulli” means money and was popularised by uk rapper Asco
“How much mulli did you make last month?”

“I’m all about the mulli”
by wave getter September 16, 2019
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A black mans penis. Giant and Dark.
Look at that 13 inch mulli!
by hahah December 1, 2004
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Mully is a slang term for the word Mullet which is a haircut shaved on top and long and bushy in the back(all business in the front and a wild party in the back).
Dude- did you see that crazy ass Mully trying to climb up the roller coaster...
Dude's buddy- Holy Shit thats a sic ass Mully..approach with caution
by 1 with Nature February 12, 2015
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Mully makes vr vids on youtube
Search Mully on youtube
by MR Flo-ax August 17, 2020
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Name used to describe someone who often does very normal things in crazy, insane, or unpredictable ways. Sometimes these people may confuse you by doing something normal one second and then doing the very same thing in some wacked out way the next second. An easy way to spot a Mullis is thier unique way of playing poker which causes them to either loose horribly in the first few hands OR confuse the other players so as to cause them to fold everytime the Mullis bets due to the unpredictability of the hand being bet on.
While playing poker, Matt went all in as he has done many times before. The other players all fold their hands. Matt reveals that he had absolutely nothing of any value in his hand. One player yells "I should have known he didn't have anything because he's a fucking Mullis!"
by BLeeM June 20, 2008
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