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A mix of Tesco and Asda combined, implying the person is infact poor since they only shop at two of the cheapest supermarkets.
"Lolol, you go to asco, poor nub ^_^"
by MartinJP April 13, 2006
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(n.) A jpg conprising on a selection of photos of a pale, ancient woman with a headscarf and sunglasses posing for borderline necrophilia pornographic shots.

Linked from childrens websites, and is considered to be even more disgusting than goatse, tubgirl or harlequin foetus.

There are actually many pictures of "asco"s. Google image search brings forth a picture of two severed heads with dismembered penises in thier mouths, and think-evolution formerly hosted pictures of very old naked people, and a masturbating shemale. is now redundant
by Gumba Gumba May 24, 2004
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A.S.C.O stands for Anonymous Secret Complementing Organization! It currently runs in New Zealand. It is basically a organization that sends kind "letters" to certain pupils in classrooms. All subjects in it are positive, so it isn't considered a nuisance to the general public.


Pinochle is a confused part of A.S.C.O, due to it's recently introduced status, little is known about what relevance it has to with A.S.C.O. It may be the "signature", chosen to disguise the SECRET even more. It may have to do with Blackle A.S.C.O, the account on Wikianswers for A.S.C.O.

Kaleb Oaten did once speak of Pinochle, however the file containing the information is thought to be destroyed or missing. This piece of information has been "unearthed" since a possible clue was found at the end of Blackle A.S.C.O's profile page. See Blackle A.S.C.O
Yay! There is another A.S.C.O note, FOR ME!!!!!!
by A.S.C.O expert April 09, 2011
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The act of viewing, linking, masturbating, or having sexual intercourse with women in the age bracket 80-100.
A: "Hey, look at THIS!"
B: "I hope you die, you sick fuck."

A: "Hey, what was the link to ASCO?"
B: "Here."
A: "Thx" *prints out to masturbate to while in the shower.*
by iannis November 30, 2003
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A verb in which an unsuspecting individual is sent a picture of a repulsive naked aged woman via the internet.
Ascoer: Hey bob, I thought you should check out this cool new website here.

Bob: *clicks* AHHHHHHH how disgusting!
by Xazer October 08, 2003
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A hot asian lady willing to show it all. Usually accompanied by an expression of shock at the pure beauty.
"OHNOS! I has been ASCOED!"
by Da Tr0LL September 22, 2003
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The most random and awkward moment of the day.
I was talking with this Guy/Girl till He/She laid a middle school pick up line on was such an A-Sco I had no idea what to do....
by srmsig April 01, 2010
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