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A gay hamilton ship. Hercules Mulligan and Lafayette are the two being shipped. Both revolutionaries one a tailor who spied on the British government and the other a French men.
Man aside from lams, mullette is the best! Hercules Mulligan x Lafayette forever
by Furysyar November 12, 2018
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1. A fancy mullet.
2. A mullet on a french person.
1. Hey that mullette goes well with your trendy Armani suit.

2. Why is that Frenchie covering up such a badass mullette with a berret?
by Neddie Bumpo January 14, 2005
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a term denoting the mullet(female)
"That guy in the Camaro has a mullet,"
"yah but look at his wife's mullette!"
by me May 16, 2003
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Also known as the European or Fashion mullet, the mull-ette is a shorter, less obvious version of the standard mullet. the mull-ette was made famous in the 80's by actors such as John Stamos and Mario Lopez. Now, the most common form of the mull-ette is as an unintended consequence of not getting a haircut soon enough. It is characterized by the hair growing at the nape of the neck being noticibly longer than the rest of the hair on the head. The Mull-ette may be accidental and does not discriminate based on race or gender.
Man I need a haircut, i'm starting to get a mull-ette.
by sam caplan February 25, 2006
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