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Alternate spelling of "my" used to indicate an uneducated slack jawed or whiny voice. Used to mock something that someone/people you disagree with constantly go on about. Often used alongside other mocking techniques like deliberately bad spelling or all caps.
MUH GENETIKS (mocking overweight people who claim their weight is beyond their control).
MUH SOVEREEEEIGNTY (mocking Brexiteers)
MUH CANTHAL TILT (mocking incels saying trivial physical features is why they're incel)
MUH SeKoNd aMeNDMunt (mocking gun nuts)
MUH konDiShun! (mocking a colleague who constantly claims that he's late because of some medical problem which you don't believe)
by blahiojjsd January 31, 2019
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a typical marquette boy's schdule is:

1st hour: studyhall
2nd hour: live the fourth/brotherhood class
3rd hour: studyhall
4th hour: football game attaire and cheers
lunch for 2 hours
5th hour: studyhall
6th hour: ap/advanced wit (depending on grade level..wit I, wit II, wit III )
7th hour: mastering the art pen twirling
8th hour: study hall/ 50's and 60's

classes are usually 10 minutes and lunches are 2 to 3 hours.
a typical conversation between marquette/ muhs boys:

marquette boy: "i'm so glad that our school is beyond perfect! everyone here gets along, and we even hug eachother in the hallways. we win everything ( soccer, volleyball) and are the smartest school ever. i'm so excited for retreat, for us to share our feelings, grow in our faith, and bond with our class."

other boy: "i love my cross necklace. i never take it off."

boy III: "live the fourth!"
by eastgirl!8#~~! November 19, 2008
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Husband walks into cave after a long day of hunting; sees wife and say's Muh.

Wife responds with, Muh.

They go on to make a delicious dinner, and passionate love afterwards.
by Basehitter3 October 06, 2010
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