A man who loves to go down on women. To orally stimulate the clitoris or vulva with or without compassion i.e. cunnilingus. This expression may apply to those discriminating women who equally enjoy ravishing a muffin for Breakfast, Lunch or Sunday Brunch. Cocktail not included.
The first thing the Muffinman does after kissing his date is to go down on her and elevate the situation to another level. Wetworks!
by Rono January 15, 2007
He is the partner of jiggles the assclown, he waits for you to go to sleep, sneaks in usually through the window and then proceeds to stuff muffins up your ass and teabag your face without ever waking you up.
Boss- oh man did i have a bad night.

Employee- why what happened?

Boss- the damn muffinman got me last night now my face smells like balls and i cant stop shitting nuts and blueberries.

Employee- "whispers" asshole i wish the muffinman would come visit me.
by tossed salads October 5, 2009
1. A males penis, a hard muffin is when a male has a Bonner.
James: did you see the new girl Diane? She is soo hot!
Jake: oh, do you think so?
James: yeah, when I saw her my muffinman got hard!
by .......,,,,,,,...........,,,,, February 17, 2023