Usually said after a sentence, sorta like "na mean" or "ya understand"
when i stepped in with my new jordans, someone asks me
"how u get those, they aint even come out yet"
"i got connections ya dig"
by dae' December 21, 2005
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Meaning to like . or if you like something
hey i made the schools varsity team ya dig .
by kendrick777 May 16, 2018
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To be down with something, or understand something.
Laura- "We should hang out soon. ya dig?"

Meg- "yeah, most def. :"

by knoelle October 25, 2007
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- Arrr Dat Boii Is Baree Leng..Ya Dig?

- Yehh Mann!
by Shellszz September 4, 2008
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another way to say, "do you understand?"

created by liana
"...and that's how you do it, ya dig?"
by lmfh March 2, 2008
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do you understand me sir?!? SIR DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME
"DanaD the queen of the meaning"
Yo i can't feel my toes ya dig?
by DanaDemo October 23, 2014
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