Someone who is attracted to children, a pedophile. They will touch you weirdly, and say vague sexual phrases to you.
Jim: Oh hey John *Puts hand on arm seductively*
John: Hey stop being a Mr. B
by Indecisive December 07, 2016
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Noun, Person.

-Formely long haired individual with slight Neo-Nazi based tendencies. Has an incredibly complex outlook on life, although sometimes somewhat dark and demented, he does have a sunny disposition. Philosophical, warrior-like, protective, and trustworthy to the grave.

-Also adept at several different forms of science resulting in mixed results that range from crotch burns and other bodily injuries to jail time, as well as adept at several different types of firearms handling.

-Noticable in public due to the iconic cigar and bulge in back pocket which is a flask.
Mr. B. once downed 2 bottles of Captain Morgan, 3 beers, and a large amount of Bacardi belongin to a friend, fell unconcious for 10-15 minutes, and awoke to due nuclear physics, resulting in a nuclear device."
by The One, The True, Mr. B. April 04, 2009
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The position in which a woman is to give a partner a blumpkin. Generally, the female is positioned so that she is straddling the bottom of the toilet.
"recounting the saga of the amazing blumpkins"
"Get that ho in a Mrs. B"
by The guy who invented this term December 19, 2008
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someone who is the coollest person i've ever met. the

A= Above
B= Beyond
C= Call
D= Duty
-dude did you see Mr. A and B the C of D?
-no man who is he?
by Mr. A and B the C of D January 28, 2010
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the sexiest guy in the world that uses a splatoon pfp and has a huge cock, like damn that's big.
he's also extremely funny and he likes mango.
Josh: Damn I just looked at that guy and I'm having an erection
Some Swedish guy: oh that's because you are looking at mr,B
by not mr,B June 08, 2021
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only the sexiest man alive or dead. anyone named Mr. B is easily a god amongst mortals. we should all be humbled by his presence. he is the most powerful entity of infinite beauty within the unending cosmos that is this realm. you should totally do what he says. Art teachers named Mr. B especially, he'll destroy you otherwise
Mr. B told us to draw the definition of "magnificence", so obviously i drew him.
by OnlyTheBiggestBoy October 04, 2018
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A tall ginger who likes to teach Math, and gives us homework every day.
Moria "Mr. B!!!!!!!!"
by SleepyKitty2021 March 22, 2019
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