Also known as "Mr.B" its an acronym for Mean Rude Bitch
"I changed my Instagram name to M.R.B. because someone dared me to do a TBH on myself"
by DikDikSlurrSlurrPikPik January 06, 2017
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only the sexiest man alive or dead. anyone named Mr. B is easily a god amongst mortals. we should all be humbled by his presence. he is the most powerful entity of infinite beauty within the unending cosmos that is this realm. you should totally do what he says. Art teachers named Mr. B especially, he'll destroy you otherwise
Mr. B told us to draw the definition of "magnificence", so obviously i drew him.
by OnlyTheBiggestBoy October 04, 2018
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A tall ginger who likes to teach Math, and gives us homework every day.
Moria "Mr. B!!!!!!!!"
via giphy
by SleepyKitty2021 March 22, 2019
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A gay crusty rusty theater teacher who is always and his man period and can never shut his loud ass fucking mouth and has no chill he is hated by all the 6th and 7th graders
by Jsjsjshkh April 10, 2019
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Yung savage, wit da rolley on his wrist chu know you ain't tryna mess wit dis B
BrUUUUUH i went all MR.b all up in dat piece!!!!
by Yung Savage 123 November 07, 2018
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