Urban myth, A small, dirt-faced, caucasian female residing in Blackrock, Dublin area near dumpsters and DART stations. It is rumoured to cary caffiene in it's veins instead of blood. Estimated heartbeat of 190bpm, sighted around arty coffee shops hanging off the shoulder of home-made-cigarette-smoking wanabes. Collects multicoloured scarves and hats.
Mouse-Girl: Heyguysifoundsomemorescarvesyouwannamakeascififilmicanbethehotgirlificleanthedirtoffamyface!
by jdi May 09, 2004
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N: An optical computer mouse. It has no balls, just a warm inner glow.
Frank: "What kind of mouse are you getting for your PC?"

Joe: "I'm getting a girl mouse. They move much easier, and they have no balls to wash."
by Purple Gurl March 24, 2011
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An unusually powerful mouse girl, the real power behind other mice.
The Mighty Mouse Girl tried to convince them all that they were the big cheese, but really she knew who was going to get all the cheese in the end.
by Solid Mantis I July 07, 2021
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The kind of girl that does nothing without a gang surrounding/backing her (be it the Lucky Seven armed with slingshots and rocks, or a powerful organization armed with sniper rifles).
The mouse girl was mouthy until she knew the police/interventionists were on the way to back her, then her image got tougher than nails and the violent threats started coming from her whole posse.
by Solid Mantis I July 07, 2021
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A girl that talks about how cheezy everything is.
The mouse girl thought the romantic comedy was cheezy even though she was the one other people rented/bought the movie for.
by Solid Mantis I July 07, 2021
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A female that roots for the gangs when they triumph, and becomes a gangbuster if somebody defeats the gang, that way she gets credit either way for not being one of the losers like the boys.
The mouse girl was always looking to turn males into mice so she wouldn't end up a mouse by herself.
by Solid Mantis March 23, 2021
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