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1. Noun: Something involving fraud, telemarketing schemes, or scams.

2. Noun: Old name for the fraud division of a police department.
1. I receive bunko emails daily, promising I can make millions of dollars.

2. Joe is a detective for the Bunko and Robbery Division.
by Purple Gurl February 24, 2011

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Noun, Adj., It is a name for a family we are all sick of hearing about. It is a slur on Kardashian and refers to their antics, how they dress, and the fact they are race-traitors, sellouts, and sluts.
I am tired of hearing about the Kartrashians. I can't go to a checkout line without seeing a photo of Kim Kartrashian being a race traitor.
by Purple Gurl November 21, 2014

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1. An armlike appendage found on octopi, squid, and space aliens. They are often covered in suckers.

2. Sensory appendages on snails, slugs, and space aliens.

3. A basic part of twisted Japanese hentai porn, where octopuses and other creatures rape schoolgirls with their tentacles.
1. A male octopus actually has 9 tentacles if you count the one used for reproduction.

2. The top pair of tentacles on a slug enables it to see. The lower, shorter pair is for taste and smell.

3. Police in Tokyo have to respond to yet another tentacle rape.
by Purple Gurl October 01, 2014

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N - The state of being in a marriage or living a married life.
"Todd and Rhonda have experienced 12 years of matrimony thus far, and they have 2 adorable children."
by Purple Gurl February 06, 2015

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1. N: Fear of the color purple, as well as a fear of purple objects and people.

2. N: Bigotry or hatred towards Purple people.
1. "Doesn't that come in green? Purple gives me nightmares!"

"Grow up, you seem to be suffering from porphyrophobia!"

2. "Man, I hate Purple people! They get all these special rights and privileges, get to collect welfare, and they get preferential housing and employment!"

"Sounds like you have a bad case of porphyrophobia. Get help, please!"
by Purple Gurl October 01, 2014

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This is a 12-step program for people addicted to being assholes and who wish to attempt recovery.
Jerk: I just joined Assholes Anonymous.

Friend: Remember, call your sponsor before you even open your mouth.
by Purple Gurl March 22, 2011

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1: A hypothetical race used when the issue of racism is discussed. Proponents of this usage figure there are no people with purple skin, and figure it is safe to use.

2: People who love the color purple and purple things, often in an extreme fashion.

3: People born with Purple skin, usually of an alien race.
1: "I don't care if our president is Black, White, Purple, or even Green."

"I tend not to be racist, but I must draw the line at Purple people."

2: Jennifer is such a purple person! She eats purple food, has purple hair, wears purple clothes, and likes purple unicorns. Rumor has it that even her feces is purple.

3: I had some purple people move in beside me. They were good people. They always parked their spaceship properly, kept their tentacles braided neatly, kept their alien plants watered, and mostly kept to themselves.
by Purple Gurl March 30, 2011

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