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N: The rules of politeness involving sex. That would be things like using protection if your partner desires, not trying to get your partner in bed sooner than they want, not raping, keeping your hands to yourself early on, avoiding public sex, etc.
The nerve of that guy! He was literally trying to undress me on the bus, and he kept trying to run his hands down my clothes. He has no screwiquette whatsoever!
by Purple Gurl March 24, 2011
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N: A holiday, period of free time, or vacation spent being an online troll. Origin: Troll + Holiday
"Hey, it is 5 PM and I have the whole weekend to spend as a trolliday. I'm gonna flame people, spam, and just blow up the internet."
by Purple Gurl February 09, 2015
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1. An armlike appendage found on octopi, squid, and space aliens. They are often covered in suckers.

2. Sensory appendages on snails, slugs, and space aliens.

3. A basic part of twisted Japanese hentai porn, where octopuses and other creatures rape schoolgirls with their tentacles.
1. A male octopus actually has 9 tentacles if you count the one used for reproduction.

2. The top pair of tentacles on a slug enables it to see. The lower, shorter pair is for taste and smell.

3. Police in Tokyo have to respond to yet another tentacle rape.
by Purple Gurl October 01, 2014
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N: The condition of being in a gay marriage.

From matrimony + sodomy.
If straight people can have holy matrimony, then why can't gays have unholy sodomony?
by Purple Gurl March 20, 2011
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A derogatory slur for Julian Assange, the founder of Wiki Leaks. Critics accuse him of hacking, cracking, spying, espionage, and even sex crimes, while proponents call him a freedom fighter who stands up to abusive governments.
"I'm sick and tired of hearing about Ass Angel, that no good espionage traitor who doesn't care who his leaks harm, just as long as his leftwing goals are met."
by Purple Gurl February 09, 2015
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This is a 12-step program for people addicted to being assholes and who wish to attempt recovery.
Jerk: I just joined Assholes Anonymous.

Friend: Remember, call your sponsor before you even open your mouth.
by Purple Gurl March 22, 2011
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N: The penis, or a similar phallic-shaped object.

From boy+joystick.
Anthony was angry when some man tried to grab his boystick while he was peeing.
by Purple Gurl March 21, 2011
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