When you take a shit, and it hangs from an undigested hair that hangs from your asshole.
My shit was a Mountain Climber
by BradKtulu May 28, 2010
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When one guy stands at attention with his dong hanging out while another guy makes the mountain climber pose. The mountain climber then grabs the guy's dong and pulls like he's grabbing a rope to make his way up Mt. Everest. The guy getting pulled must then yodel for the climber to stop once it becomes too painful.
Me and my buddy saw Cliffhanger the other night and decided to do the mountain climber.
by Bubbabobobbrain July 22, 2008
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an individual who tries to get ahead in life by performing difficult and self-depricating tasks, but often to no avail.
You would've thought Jill could've gotten that job given all the dick she sucks. What a mountain climber.
by cam April 13, 2005
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A woman not of the Caucasian race who prefers Caucasian males over any other race. A mountain climber prefers white males over any other race of males.
Girl 1: Omg! Did you hear? Haley broke it off with Dante for that new White boy in town.

Girl 2: UG! She's such a mountain climber!
by kaliforniagirlz April 24, 2017
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It is when you are jerking off and simultaneously jamming a dildo in your ass making it look like you are climbing a rope and while yodelling Abba songs.
"Last night i was alone and gave myself the Swedish Mountain Climber to the tune of Dancing Queen."
by Fuschia Panther April 13, 2014
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The act of placing two naked Taiwanese women your shoulders and fingering them simultaneously with one hand. Meanwhile taking a bonsai tree and shoving it up your own rectum with your other hand.
tom- dude i got two Taiwanese hookers last night...
steve- please tell me you didn't do what i think you did.
tom- oh yah i did the Taiwanese Mountain Climber
by xXxpidgexXx May 19, 2009
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When you cum on your girlfriend and she drinks out of you penis like a straw.
"Get your face on it and suck," said johnny as he got the mountain climber made of dick (mcmd),"yeah thats right bitch." and she had a cum smoothie.
by Cockface Maguyver April 22, 2009
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