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The coolest person anyone will ever meet. People named "Mouly" are cool, sexy, admirable, smart and beautiful people. M ouly's can be very bossy, but only because they are good at everything. When some one "Mouly" walks into the room, the entire crowds head turn, that is how gorgeus they are. If you know a girl named Mouly, or you are called Mouly, you know your lucky.
Alex: "Yo dude, who's that cute chic over there!?!"
Ryan: "Man, that's Mouly!"
Kevin: "i'm totally gonna ask her out, she's Hot!!!"
by sexxiiMaya234 June 24, 2009
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Mouly is a name of a girl. Pronouced "moe, lee". If you are ever called this, it means you are a really cool person. It also means a person who talks a lot, is very smart and fun to be with. "Mouly"'s are very serios and usually very moody, so dont' push them around, or else they will push you back. Girls called Mouly are very, very awsome!
"Cool, that was so Mouly !"
by Julia23 April 22, 2009
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