Reeves is absolutely the most perfect girl you will ever met in your life. She’s so funny, smart, so damn beautiful and mostly importantly she will always be there for you. Reeves is so understanding of how other feel and is usually putting others before herself. Anyone would be lucky to have a Reeves in their life. She’s just the absolute best.
Reeves is soo damn amazing.
by Hryxsq February 17, 2019
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An absolute babe. Yes, he is incredibly stupid, but, he's so sweet and romantic. He is often found listening to music that doesn't fit his character. He acts like he's incredibly cool, but he's really a dork on the inside. Sometimes, he can be the biggest jerk, though.
Person 1: Oh, Reeves, you're stupid!
Reeves: Thanks!
by f.ofhope December 9, 2011
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A term decribing an absolute beast of a man with exceptional drinking capability and more sleaze than a second hand Kleenex. Those personifying this phrase can often be found carrying off easy wenches in the night, regardless of their state of conciousness. Characteristicly owns diminutive legs despite towering above almost all other lads.
Big Tasty: Oh hey man whats happenin playaaaa. Hoora scraps ih night, just away for some big old cuddles.

Rest of the club: HA he's such a Reeves.
by Minbam April 15, 2011
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The prettiest person you will ever meet in your entire life. She will never fail to make you laugh and she is one of the most genuine people. Sometimes, she may be confused on how to show she cares about others, but if you just wait a little longer , she’ll show you how much she cherishes the friendship. She is not always straightforward, and sometimes she can be a bit shy. She has blond hair , blue eyes and she is average height. Not too small, but not super tall. She knows how to have a good time and although not many boys like her , they will soon! She is one of the best friends you will ever have, but she can be kind of a bitch sometimes. She doesn’t always know what she has till it’s long gone and she is not athleTic:(
Girl: oml im so excited to hang out with reeves this wknd!!
Other girl: lucky!! She is sm fun
by helpingwithyoslang November 20, 2018
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A crazy relative who everyone in the family likes to make fun of.
Jim is the Reeves of our family.
by BamaMan88 November 23, 2007
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Sexy! Probably dates a girl named Catherine. He is so athletic, and gets so much finger lickin' good pussy in his mouth. He is also strong as fuck.
I wish I was Reeves!
by hddfhfgfvgf March 16, 2017
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Similar to fives, but without a time limit. One calls this when they get out of a seat and it is saved until they return.
"Yo, wanna go to Arby's?"
"Yeah man, Reeves."
by The$tuff January 21, 2009
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