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To take a shot of liquor and pass it around mouth to mouth. Similar to shotgunning weed. Preferably done with cuties.
She and I were totes motherbirding Jameson to Samo, and then A-trak was like, "only if Samo passes it to me."
by ghostofmakeoutpast April 25, 2011
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When a girl is finished giving oral sex, and the man ejaculates into her mouth, she spits it back into his mouth, much like a mother bird spits up worms into its babies mouth to feed them.
Somewhat like snowballing.
David likes it when I start motherbirding in his mouth. Davey like it.
by youadirtygirl November 29, 2011
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When you performe the act of fellatio on a male, he then ejaculates into the mouth of the sexual partner. From this point the partner of the pleasure receiver contains the semen in their mouth and spits or kisses the semen in his mouth. Hence mother birding.
"I'm think of mother birding Josh to spice up the relationship" "I mother birded Dan and he totally loved it"
by Sexual goddess December 17, 2013
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Mother-birding is when you bust a load so massive inside her mouth, some drips out onto her tits, at which point you swoop down, slurp up every last bit of nut that tried to get away, and carry it back up to her mouth where it belongs, much like a mother bird feeding its offspring. If you can catch your runaway kids midair, after it drips off her chin but before it lands on her tits, you’ve mastered this art. And it’s your own jizz, so saying “no homo” when mother-birding is completely unnecessary, and would most likely just make you come off as a closet homosexual for saying it. Mother-birding is a very kind, loving, and nurturing assist, and should not be confused with any version of snowballing.
Bill Clinton was an idiot for not mother-birding Monica Lewinsky. Had he just took the time and effort to mother-bird the bitch, she wouldn’t have had the evidence nor the heart to get such a swell guy impeached.
by ILikeALilHareInMyMouf69 June 04, 2018
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