mnm stands for Eminem (the rapper)

mnm(eminem) is the best man..!!
by eminem922 June 14, 2007
a crunchy and salty ball of pretzel surrounded by a layer of rich chocolatey goodness and topped with a colored candy coating. in other words, HEAVEN!
liza: have you tasted those pretzel mnms yet??
beth: they were amazing!
by snapeandlilyforever:) June 17, 2010
A quote by the highly educated and revered Wilbur Soot. He wants to have intercourse with the Brown MnM because it's so fucking hot.
by Ray Ray Ray Ray Ray Ray January 29, 2021
A cute couple of a whale and a lonely guy who’s names both begin with ‘M’.
So nice to see Marc and Maddy so happy together, should start calling them MnM
by Dennis and Marc March 11, 2022