To be Large and in charge! Drinking and pill popping is a must. And your motto is always, "I don't want to do it, someone else can. But I will make it seem like I tried."
Someone gets a call and could easily help, but chooses to send it to someone else. "Sir, I could help you, but I am passing the buck instead."
by clive oliver March 26, 2009
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To pawn something off on someone else when you are unwilling or incapable of doing it yourself.
John was getting serious shit from his boss at day's end, because he got fuck all accomplished. But rather than admit to his blatant shittiness and incompetence, he instead chose to pass the buck, and complained that his subordinates were a bunch of useless, overpaid, air-thieves who fail at every given opportunity.
by youre_so_stunned June 13, 2016
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A transfer of a problem from person to person.
Rather than taking a trip to the post office, the stamp-lacking asian asked her friend to drive over to her house and bring her stamps. She passed the buck to him.
by Johnny Rocket January 2, 2004
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Pass the Buck is what female reindeer do at a deer orgy.
I can't wait to pass the buck tonight.
by 66tornadoes December 14, 2016
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When, during intercourse, the partners exchange food through each other's mouths one or more times.
Last night we decided to pass the buck with strawberries dipped in chocolate. After we chewed a little, it was just mush. She has such a food fetish.
by GMane July 22, 2008
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A sex move originating in Myrtle Beach, SC by way of a East Tennessee. It's the act of paying a girl to dance naked while you masturbate. To successfully pull it off, the dollar amount has to be at least $100.
Aaron went into Lady J's looking for a Happy ending, but instead he had to pass tha buck.
by Ashley P. March 20, 2008
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