someone who is innocent and/or adorable
most commonly used in fandoms
Tyler is a smol bean
Josh is a smol bean too
by jishwadun May 19, 2016
The fact that something is just so cute and adorable that it has to be linked to a bean.

It is most commonly used as a word in fandoms.
Dan is such a smol bean.
That cat is a smol bean.
Everything in this world is a smol bean.
by Cubecats August 23, 2015
Smol bean is a way to explain something that is too cute and innocent for this world.
Why bean? Because its so tiny and smol

Mostly used in fan/phandom
Tyler is such a smol bean
Dan is such a smol bean
by TwentyOnePhandoms April 10, 2016
Someone who is very child-like and adorable, often linked to a band or YouTuber fandom.
Tyler and Josh are such smol beans.
Dan and Phil are smol beans.
by I'm a Dalek April 9, 2017
a term used to describe someone so adorably cute, sweet, and cuddly that you can't help but tear up when you see them smiling/doing something relatively aww-worthy.
peter parker is the definition of smol bean.
by smolparker July 17, 2017
usually used by tall people to smaller ones. a display of affection towards them, showing their love through expressing how cute their height is.
I love you, my dear smol bean
by dorkylrh September 10, 2015