Having the qualities and/or traits of Aaron Magill.
Aaron Magill is one morose motherf#cker.
by TurboS May 2, 2013
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sullen, someone resentfully silent or repressed
He's so grouchy...actually morose
by Marcella W. September 12, 2006
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A disease that is plaguing this great nation. It is when guys think their team is better than it could ever be. They suffer from a case of the Moroses. Half moron, half medical word. Moroses.
Dylan was suffering from a severe case of the moroses today. His Giants lost to the Saints yesterday and he's still bragging.
by Breaston October 20, 2009
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when pressed for time and adequate cleansing of the rectal cavity is not warranted, this creates a mixture of sweat and fecal matter furthermore creating an itching and burning sensation in the asscrack that can last for multiple hours. when scratched this results in a variant of the stinky finger. this also can be a result of anal seepage.
(scratching rectal area) "dude, smell my finger, i've got the morose hole!"
by bender_82801 January 30, 2009
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