usually a short intellligent girl who loves to be with people and laugh a lot. Usually very attratcive, but taken.
"Whoa! who is that?"

"Im not sure.....must be a Magill"
by sexymeximomma23 August 16, 2008
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Noun: Waste of skin, usually unemployed and involuntarily celibate.

Verb: To lay around all day in bed, usually playing video games or binge watching TV series'.
Me: Can I get a week off work next month?

Boss: Sure, anything nice planned?
Me: Just gonna magill to be honest
by TiredRobbie October 23, 2019
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He is known by many around a certain area as a serial sexual predator .He is known for his short, simple one word answer. He always gets what he desires. Although Females are pre- warned about his type, his presence causes a liquid substance to ooze from there vagina, until they become severely dehydrated.
If seen, do not feed, because like a house hold cat he will return again and again
If asked to 'finish me', please avoid and call Police as soon as possible
'Have you seen Magill'?

'No, not for about an hour. Come to think about it where is my girlfriend'?
by Mr lfhefhejfwp'f November 15, 2010
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A man that loves money. Never spends it. Keeps all his wads clenched in his tight pockets.
“You fancy a mid-week beer?”

“Love a mid-week beer. Love drinking but only if it’s free.”

“Such a Magill. “
by Blaz87 October 12, 2018
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Using magic.
A state of being involved with
Magilic"Criss Angel is a powerful and "magilic" magician.He is a Magilicter."
by Candle013 August 12, 2009
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Something That is Ambient , Beautiful, Pristine, Scintillating
The scenery is Magilent.
by Ayazraa November 23, 2019
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Magilou is the funny witch from hit JRPG tales of beseria.

She does like a shit ton of damage with all of her normals, and you can just spam spells of in the corner of the map to do a shit ton of damage without ever having to risk anything, she kinda carries.

She has a funny book belt.

Seeing magilou activates ones "Magilobe" which is a secret part of your brain that makes you go "Oh thats magilou" and then you think of magilou.
"I like magilou"

"Me too i also like magilou"

^ two people who enjoy magilou
by klukvaffe February 22, 2022
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