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Scottish dialect for ballhead. One who is ignorant and unnecessarily stupid.
Yon Jimmy is such a fuckin bawheid
by moron March 24, 2003

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Keep The Practice
While playing Day of Defeat

Private: omg how did you know where I was you cheater!
Jello: STFU you stupid nub. KTP

person: danm man iv been missing every shot with the sniper rifle.
person 2: yea i know dude you need to KTP.

by moron November 09, 2002

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A complete and total idiot. A person lacking intelligence and common sense.
Darwin award winners and nominees, people who use the acronym "LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL", anyone who says they are "leet" (also, 1337, l33t, etc.,)

And in some peoples opinions, John Kerry, Bill Clinton and George W.(Dubya) Bush.
by Moron March 30, 2005

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Idiot, not cool, a gimp
Quit being such a scwafle
by moron March 24, 2003

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A fairly decent drummer, attacked for wanting to make money by those jealous of his success.
Lars earns more than me, I should be able to steal from him!
by Moron June 04, 2003

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short for elite, 1337.
the lt way of writing elite is lt
by moron November 24, 2002

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chocolate bitch who has a voice like a snake.
hey kylie everytime i listen to your music, you really sings like a snake. your voice has a lot of air.
by moron December 10, 2004

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