A clothing company. They make military-issue clothes of different kinds, for civilians.
"I have a BDU and boonie that were made by Propper."
by Dave September 16, 2004
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When something is legitimate and in working order ..

To complete a task with excellence.
numero1: yeah boy! wuz poppin? i got some brand spanking Nike air Max for ya!!

nemero2: they look siq blad? they propper-dopper?

nemero1: Of course b! they as legit as the panties i bought your girlfroend last week fool!

nemero2: you getting knocked out now nigga!
by dchohan August 6, 2008
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when you buy weed, and it's ten times better than any weed your friends have. thats propper dankage
"i hate it when i get stiffed with this shit!"
"thats why i went thru nick, hes got the propper dankage."
by n the dark March 6, 2010
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bob. "i had sex with the secutary and the wife busted me."

jim. "oh shit your propper fucked"

by Tankengien April 23, 2009
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a better way of saying yeah man, thats really cool...
"hey i just got a shed load of money" "PROPPER NIICE!!"
by danlad August 16, 2006
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