Slang for the online community of Myspace. It is used for TWO basic reasons:

1)A place for the sexually confused & kinky to find others of their kind, and chat in forums and groups to find other loners in their area to hook up with. An online 'sex search' site.

2)It is also used for networking, friends, and casual dating. Members will add anyone and everyone to their friends list, to boost their popularity. People will have 6439 online friends, and in reality, have only 3.

Christine Dolce, (known on myspace as Forbidden), was found here, and become the most popular member. She has appeared in Playboy because of gayspace- thus furthering the poor reputation of myspace to that of another lame way to get people looking at you.

Myspace is similar to all other online communities, like xanga, nexopia, facebook, and livejournal.

"I hate gayspace. Who the hell has 592 friends, from 87 different cities, anyways?"


"Look I'm so cool I have Jenna Jameson and Tu-Pac on my friends list on myspace!"
by November 10, 2006
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Derogatory term for the popular (among pedophiles and teeny boppers) website
If had a gayspace account, I'd be just as gay as you, you fuckin' gay.
by Jambo Schlarbeard July 11, 2006
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1. When someone edits your myspace page with gay add-ons, such as sections of the page and/or bulletins describing or suggesting gay things
Joel: dude robs last bulletin was talking about suckin dick and having a good 'ol gay time! He must have got gayspaced.

Gunnar: that's the worst case of gayspacing I've ever seen!
by chris_correia July 11, 2008
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