The biggest simp of all forms of media.
In the show Regular Show, the character Mordecai has rocky relationships with two girls. He repeatedly messes things up and caters to each girl. In his selfish attempts to get both women, he disrespects not only both girls but his best friend in the process. A true Simp
Me: You know who is one the worst charcacters on Regular Show?
My friend: Who?

Me: Mordecai. He is such a simp.
by Torino Pro Wave Brush January 15, 2020
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A mordecai is a person who gets nervous around women he likes and whenever he gets rejected he stays in his room by himself and plays sad songs. He is from a tv show called “regular show” and always messes up his relationship with girls he likes.
Friend: yo you can finally ask her out dude!

Me: *walks up to her nervously* so-so you wanna go-go out?

Her: no

Friend: oh no dude, you pulled a mordecai hahaha

Me: *depressed*
by Mattboticus January 15, 2021
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Main Character of Regular Show(Cartoon Network;New Episodes Monday Nights at 9). With his best friend Rigby,he lives his regular life trying to do fun things.
Hey man, did you see Regular Show last night?Mordecai is the sugar honey iced tea!!!
by Regular Show Rocks February 11, 2011
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Someone who can't get the hoes.
Mordecai: Yeah, but the hoes!

Benson: Oh, what? It's too hard to get the hoes?!
by ayothebruhmomenthere February 19, 2022
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A Jew of the tribe of Benjamin who helped avert Haman's attempt at a holocaust.
Mordecai then replaced Haman as Vizier.
by Korora February 13, 2004
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One who is a warrior. From a warrior descent. Also a pretty badass middle name.
there goes Mordecai cutting those guys heads off! that bro is one hell of a Warrior!
by Warrior728 November 3, 2009
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Just a great guy girls love him and he’s so nice considering he is he is a really giving person like if some one asks him for something and their close he will 99% of the time say yes he can also make people laugh really hard and everyone loves him he usually has no one who dislikes him girls really dig him and he is the last person you would call fake he is really cute sexy and hot
James “man Mordecai is just so great “ BradyI know right I wish I was just like him
by Xaiver garnet November 28, 2018
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