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Adult Clan cats who defend and hunt for their Clan
Warriors have been trained in the ways of fighting and hunting in addition to the ways of the Warrior Code.
by Redtail August 22, 2014
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A person who eats bullets like a champ. Has to power to kill you in one burst when you shoot three into him. Pretty much refuses to die because his internet makes him invincible and he won't admit it. You can't compete with his god connection, so just expect him to melt you 10 times out of 10 and cry because you don't have FiOs.
This dude is such a warrior - Revan

Most common call out in an 8's lobby "You're a warrior" - Revan
by Custard_cream June 06, 2013
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A person who beyond all obstacles still manages to be successful. A warrior will often be troubled in life, but will persevere in the end.

Socially, a Warrior will often by down to earth, functioning entirely off of what they perceive as logic. While this can lead to arrogance and stubbornness, a Warrior has a soft center, and can be befriended with ease by anyone knowing how to reach it.

Often intelligent, strong, determined, and skillful, a Warrior, despite whatever problems they may have, is perfect. In their own way, each Warrior is perfect.
"He had a hard life growing up, but he was a Warrior and graduated college just last week"

"What a Warrior, man, it makes me feel good to know people like him are around."
by Jazzjune April 12, 2010
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Warriors are men and woman that are fearless, strong and skill fighters that are lacking in our modern times.
by GROMM March 24, 2005
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a famous book staring 4 clans of cats that can talk and kill each-other. there are 22 books. auther it erin hunter
mia read the new warriors book
by mia rossi July 27, 2008
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The main gang in the cult movie "The Warriors"(1979). Mainly know as The Warriors, Warriors is a sort of nick-name. The Warriors are framed by The Rogues for killing New York's largest gang's(Riffs) president and have to fight their way to their home, Coney Island. During their journey home they encounter gangs such as the Turnbull AC's, Baseball Furies, The Lizzies and The Punks. Once they get home The Rogues confront them at the Coney Island beach and The Warriors and The Rogues have a stand-off. The Riffs show up and know The Warriors were framed(a boy from another gang told the Riffs) and let the Warriors go while they beat down the Rogues. See The Warriors
Loser: Whats the Warriors?
Loser: *wimpers*
by Andy Beisel July 28, 2006
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1. A NBA team.
2. A famous book about the four Clans, ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan. StarClan (cats who did good deeds or did nothing wrong and died, usually from battle) guides all four Clans. ThunderClan cats are pretty balanced, RiverClan cats are able to swim faster than the other Clan cats, WindClan is extremely swift, and ShadowClan excel in stalking, making it good for prey. The book focuses on the politics and other crap that makes the world a horrible place of the Clan cats (bigotry, religious stuff...).
1. Warriors is a NBA team? I didn't know that.
2. Warriors is a book about the four Clan cats.
by MisaTange April 17, 2010
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