A mordecai is a person who gets nervous around women he likes and whenever he gets rejected he stays in his room by himself and plays sad songs. He is from a tv show called “regular show” and always messes up his relationship with girls he likes.
Friend: yo you can finally ask her out dude!

Me: *walks up to her nervously* so-so you wanna go-go out?

Her: no

Friend: oh no dude, you pulled a mordecai hahaha

Me: *depressed*
by Mattboticus January 15, 2021
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Just a great guy girls love him and he’s so nice considering he is he is a really giving person like if some one asks him for something and their close he will 99% of the time say yes he can also make people laugh really hard and everyone loves him he usually has no one who dislikes him girls really dig him and he is the last person you would call fake he is really cute sexy and hot
James “man Mordecai is just so great “ BradyI know right I wish I was just like him
by Xaiver garnet November 27, 2018
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A new smackdown supertar who most likely is going to be the new replacement of the Undertaker when he retires. Smackdown always has a "scary wrestler" that tends to always win.
Mordecai!!! Raise the cross!
by -=Sephiroth=- May 26, 2004
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A character from the games Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Male Laguz warrior from Gallia who is able to transform into a blue tiger, although he is a warrior his personality is honorable and peace-loving, Mordecai's tender heart has led him to close his eyes before attacking his enemies, as he has no wish to see them getting torn into shreds.
Friend: what's your favorite videogame character?
Me: Mordecai from Fire Emblem, a badass blue tiger.

Friend: wow that's cool!
by Mordecai_Pehlivan December 22, 2020
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a real goof. only a 7/10 chef. NOT EVEN named after a British Columbia ferry boat. only has one half up half down hairstyle. owns a pair of crocks that he claims aren't his but i SAW them in his garage.
by coastal_bitch October 14, 2018
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