A HUGE monster of a baby (usually turned into a handsome man when he grows up, but still kind of dweeby). Verbiage used typically in areas like Simi Valley, CA.
"Brandon was the biggest Moose the hospital had ever seen!"

"Who knew that Moose would have grown up to look like that."
by Penguin <4 November 25, 2013
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verb. Grabbing a woman's breasts. The term is in contrast to grabbing her rear end, which would be 'goosing'. Usually accompanied by a loud shout of "Moose!"
She wasn't paying attention, so I moosed her.
by Sarah Krentz February 06, 2008
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former Dallas Cowboy fullback Daryl Johnston's nickname. He was a big, powerful lead blocker.
Moose was always knocking the 49ers around in the NFC title game.
by T-Dog Jenkins July 13, 2005
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1. a large, tall or heavy person of either gender: a fat and/or homely woman should be more properly called a 'cow' (conventional slang)
2. any large animal or thing (colloquial)
1. That 6' 5" 375 pound lineman is a real moose!
2. My German Shepherd dog is a MOOSE 150 pounds!!
That Kenworth truck is a moose for size!!
by Jon64Bailey June 21, 2009
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1)n. A Canadian woodland quadra-ped, has flat antlers but loses them every summer
2)n. someone who is crazy, or just said something or did something crazy
3)adj. discribing someone who resembles def.2
4)v. to play video games, to make cookies (or bake in general), have sex

pl.) moosi (mooss-รฎ)
1)The other night i almost hit a moose.
2)Did you see him dancing? hes such a moose.
3)That was such a moose thing to do.
4)Last night i moosed with your sister. (all may apply)

pl.) Wow those weird kids are a bunch of moosi.
by Moose face...cakes October 05, 2006
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A term for someone who eats a lot of food at one sitting. They can be large or small, but most often are large.
Wow why don't you eat the whole kitchen while your at it, moose!
by Nathan the Moose April 13, 2010
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(adj) Anything resembling a vagina or having qualities thereof.
I can't look at taco's from straight up anymore. It makes me feel sick.
Too moose for you, huh?
So fucking moose.
by Jjef April 14, 2010
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