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Something people occasionally get a case of on the first day of the modern work week. Add extra "oooo's" as necessary.
Office Worker #1: Good morning.
Office Worker #2: (No response)
Office Worker #3: Sounds like somebody has a case of the Moondays.
by Biff Masterson May 23, 2005
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1. (n.), a day when a man cannot have sexual relations with his significant other for various reasons

2. (n.), saying "monday" with a weird accent
1. Jim's wife was going out of town on a business trip, and there would be many moondays before she returned.

2. Our term paper is due on moonday.
by Kriptini June 18, 2010
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a day in which a blonde (or claire) considers to be a full moon.
ella: "I think i'll have a party moonday"
claire: "Is that when like there's a full moon or something?"
ella and rachel: "No stupid, moonday = MONDAY"
by stoneleighite November 06, 2006
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