someone who looks bad on a everyday basis like they just rolled out of bed on a monday morning
Kacey: you seen her prom outfit?
Me: yea it’s was so basic, but yk she a monday😭
by jr1648@2 May 24, 2021
the designated night of the week when the library is overrun by mondays (african americans) that have no intentions of studying. instead they turn the library into a socially interactive area where anything is acceptable
I was going to go the the library last night, but then i realized it was monday mondays and that the library is the last place in the world i could get work done
by xkoo October 26, 2009
The day kids dread going back to the hell hole called school
Tomorrows Monday!
Nooooo not the hell hole!}
by Levi........ January 20, 2019
A day generally created for the purpose of making people wish they were someone else. The day you realize you have 4 days of work ahead of you and that they won't be going by fast at all. Symptoms generally include feeling like crap, wishing you were dead, or not showing up for work in general.
"Sounds like somebody's got a case of The Mondays." ~ Office Space
by Kmetzman April 5, 2006
The biggest waste, of exactly one seventh of your life.
by Eric Gardner November 28, 2007
The worst fucking day of the week. It should go crawl in a corner and kill itself.
by The What Race Am I? Guy March 24, 2015