Boys come one go tell a girl she’s beautiful ~January 17
by Yourboiii7791 October 16, 2019
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On this day the best person alive was born
when’s your birthday?

oh! January 17

ur a bad bitchhhh
by anioppskskskks October 17, 2019
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This is probably someones birthday. If it is, tell them happy birthday.
Me: Its January 17th

My friend: Happy birthday asshole.
Me: :)
by Luvmemes2009 October 21, 2019
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the person born on this day is amazing kind funny beautiful, great to be around, lightens up your day, all in all, the bestest person in the world
oh that person is born on January 17, they must be an amazing person then
by Chipmunk/Red hoodie boi November 11, 2020
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If Your Birthday is in January 17 Well Your In Luck Because Your Friends And Teachers Would have to Give u 2-5 or more dollars for Your Birthday :)
Damn I Wish It Was January 17 So I can Get paid 😞😔
by Fellow E-Soft October 23, 2019
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U are actually harder than jesus and the incredible hulk put together.
This is the only day better than april 7th
some examples of people born on january 17 muhamod ali, god, jesus, mr t, chuck norris, wade
by wade_t19 March 23, 2009
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The best day to cuddle up with your loved one or watch Netflix and give them head.
Girl- hey it’s January 17th you know what that means!

Boy- I’ll be over at 8.
by Mycockisphat October 16, 2019
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