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Monument is a small truck-stop town in Colorado located roughly in between Colorado Springs and Castle Rock. To the citizens of Monument, this place is known for the excess of preps, white trash, a huge pop-punk music scene, and bitchy people complaining about how they don't like some aspect of this town(like me). If you ever visit Monument, tourist attractions are:
-Getting drunk
-Getting high
-Having sex
-Getting drunk, high, and having sex on Mt. Herman.
1. Wow, the music in Monument all sounds the same. Let's go camping on Mt. Herman.
2. Typical Monument kid: "omg I hate Monument ther iz nuthing to do lulz!!1"
by MikeB666 June 05, 2007
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Monument, a small town in Colorado filled with white privledge kids. While there are two high schools, lp and pr, they tend to be arch rivalries even though most pr kids come from another’s little town ( Palmer lake). When Living I’m monument, you’ll find yourself saying “wow there is nothing to do here”. Monument is filled with tons of stoner kids who get drug dog searches at highschool weekly. There’s nothing really to do in monument but go to mount Herman, Skate park, go to the lake and tres pass, or go to Walmart. The food scene isn’t great but we do have In the moo, Rosie’s, a taco truck and all you can eat sushi dor $15, which is ight. But despite all the “horrible” things monument brings to us, you find a strange love for this petite town. Especially in the summer when everything is beautiful, and you can lay in the truck bed, drinking your 7-11 slurpee in the evening or at night, watch the stars and hang out with friends. Then you can go get turnt and get hella high. But don’t stay out late too much, because if your a kid, there’s rules; Curfue of monument is 12:00. Monument, the town of confusion.
Ugh, there is nothing to do in monument. “Hey let’s go to Walmart and smoke a bowl”.
by Ariana Grandesco March 17, 2018
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A street in Concord, California with a heavy Hispanic population
Que pasa? I grew up on Monument.
by 123banana May 11, 2011
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a jealous dried female, out of her witness for a non- tiring love affair of a couple of lovers.
Monument, of Nancy there was down, just at the edge of the bed, stunned, when he saw that guest friends of her, were fast and seriously, inside, in love.
by man!? August 22, 2017
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Monument, CO:

-middle-aged white parents who work in obscure jobs & somehow make bank
-elderly retirees who won't pay taxes
-people on Nextdoor who will pull a gun on u for not having ur dog on a leash
-rich white kids who think they're in gangs
-Air Force cadets

-sophomore girls who should be in psych wards
-pedophile teachers & coaches
-rich white girls who think they're quirky for wearing drug rugs once a month
-male athletes on C team that are convinced they're going D1
-19 year old drug-dealers who try to impregnate freshmen
-hockey billet boys who think its fun to break girls hearts
-stuck up Monument Academy kids
-people who think they can fight
-Confederate flags on trucks in school parking lots

If you mention diversity to a kid they’ll probably ask if ur talking about variety of weed strains. School admin preach mental health awareness & will host assemblies where some motivational speaker comes in, plays a random instrument, cracks some jokes, & tells kids not to kill themselves. But when a student’s actually struggling the school is quick to tell them online school is a better option for them so they don’t have to deal with real problems or have blood on their hands when kids kill themselves.
Monument continued:

We have 2 high schools- PRHS (daddys money school) and LPHS (the coke school). Both have drug problems and little school spirit unless STUCO is screaming in ur face. Football games consist of freshman putting dots on their face & people sitting under the hand warmers in the bathrooms at Don Breese stadium to not freeze their asses off. @ every single dance it’s pointless to blur at the n-word in songs because you already know the white kids are gonna scream it anyways.

In Monument the most common pastimes for teenagers are driving illegally, smoking, drinking, hooking up, & breaking curfew to do thrilling things going to Walmart.

Our town has money. We have thriving restaurants & businesses. We have schools that are extremely academically, artistically, & athletically successful on the surface. We have beautiful landmarks & cool wildlife everywhere. Our town has so much potential. So maybe we need to step back & take responsibility for ourselves & our peers & make a change.
by yeehawz May 24, 2020
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