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Place where the all natural ladies run free, the pot head rule the streets, the hippies bathe in B.O, and oh yea its the capital of Vermont
Verb Montpelier

To smell
by Bizzaro12345 February 22, 2010
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Also known as Monty-P and Vermontpelier. The best city ever with the largest population of hippies, tree-huggers, "crunchies", and "granolas" in the U.S.
Will: What'd you do this weekend?
Jenna: Went to Monty-P and hung out with my crunchy aunt and uncle.
Will: You mean Montpelier?
Jenna: Nope. It's Monty-P. Get with it already.
by TessaD March 31, 2011
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the best place ever... the kids there are the shit and theyre all like my family. i hate coming back home from there it just doesnt compare.
i miss my friends from montpelier already and i havent even been home for 24 hours.
by jane doe November 02, 2004
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