Montero Know as lil nas x
Also a banger tbh and a song that caused all the Christians to get hella mad and also brought us some fire satan shoes. But Fr montero(call me by your name) is a fucking vibe.And involves lil nas x giving the devil a lap dance
Christian friend-ughhh I hate lil nas x’s new song montero
Me-honestly it’s a vibe and I kinda got those shoes...
Christian friend-YOURE GOING TO HELL
by I-love-lil-nas-x🤪💀 April 12, 2021
A banger, like seriously. It's about being w/ a significant other and wanting to get closer (with some horndog lines) I've been listening to this song on loop and the lyrics be stuck in my mind. Seen a lot of yaoi AMVs with this song, and it fits well- Ok, but in all seriousness I would not come over if you call me when you want--
"Lil nas X has a great song, it's like somethin bout a name?"
"Yeah it's called Montero."
by koror June 21, 2021
When you're at the club and someone in a demon outfit is on a pole.
Wow! Did you see Heather last night? She really was out there Monteroing on the dance floor!
by Bookish21 October 21, 2021
The hottest, coolest, prettiest person on this earth 🥵👌🏽😩
Montero Hill is hot
by Stream montero November 29, 2021
a perfectly round guy. Loves minecraft and likes a new girl each day.

- your typical Fuckboy
by minecraftkid February 10, 2017