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Best university in the continental United states of America, finest education available, and home to the best and winningest basketball team (soo much better than duke)on the face of the earth.
Nuclear Physicist: "Lets see, we have applicants from Harvard, Yale, and MIT. who do we pick?"

Other Nuclear Physicist: "Throw those away, we have one from the University of Kentucky!"

Nuclear Physicist: "Hired!"
by nashville chik October 02, 2005
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The best university in the nation. Great parties, always something to do, and it seems like all the hot girls come to UK. Despte what you will hear from haters, UK does care about academics, and it is not a hillbilly university.

Home of the greatest tradition in college basketball. Every game hosts 24,000 screaming fans of the Big Blue Nation, and you're surrounded by a beautiful sea of blue. There's no greater moment of your life than watching Kentucky put down Louisville or Tennessee in Rupp Arena.
Student 1: "I can't decide where to go to college, man"
Student 2: "Come to the University of Kentucky, dude!! it's awesome!!!"
by Evaniscool September 03, 2011
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Noun; A college where students go to sit in the student section of Rupp Arena and cheer on a basketball team. With the most national championships, the school also has the most amount of unsuccessful post graduates in the nation. Their pride doesn't come from their academics, just their sports teams - which they fund through their tuition and scholarships. A waste of money, as far as investments go, academically. Even the straight guys suck dick at this institution. Recently, they have ran under budget commercials promoting the college that are entitled "See Blue". They cut funding so that they could keep more of their fuck up students money.
(Cheesy, royalty free music plays)

Tubby: I loved my salary at UK.

Rick: I really loved my salary at UK.

Billy: I love alcohol.

University of Kentucky. See Blue. Thanks for the green!

by EKU Grad February 27, 2009
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The supposed "elite" of Eastern Kentucky University, located in Lexington, KY. Under the guise of "intelligent" students, most journey to Richmond bars in search of a good time.
"Dude, I had a killer time!"
"Oh, so you went to T-Bomb's, too?"
by killa February 27, 2005
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