A man of great character and depth with the ability to make the sun shine through the darkest clouds. Friendship and integredy run throughhis veins and truth and comfort are the gifts it shares - always and without exception. If you need something to you can count on, you need a Monte.
"Monte helped me lose my depression!"
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by A.n.o.n.y.m.o.u.s.l.y. D.o.g. November 06, 2018
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A Fortnite-loving person who spends all his bank savings and even his car for just 10 V-Bucks
Person 1: Hey, have you seen Montes?
Person 2: He's payin and playin
by YeetusMcFeetus August 11, 2018
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monte is a school in north sydney which focuses on girls age 12-18 appearance. see if i’m being honest with you they should be focusing on the education (especially for that $20,000 per year), but nah they’d rather publically humiliate girls in front of their peers for wearing makeup or having jewellery on or dare i say it, having their skirt above their knee!!
*student walks in to school minding their own business happy as can be*

old hag of a teacher: Oh. My. God. i can see your knee ! *students look around*
and oh my gosh, what is that? is that a diamonte earring? no no! take it out of this will be 3 afternoon detentions!

*student sheds a tear and books counselling sessions every tuesday for the rest of her life*
by eshayadlayeeeetsssssaye September 26, 2018
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