One of the best "real" words in the English language.

A term to describe something monsterous or hideous.
What is that monstrosity on your head!? Is it a dead bird? O.O
"It's my favorite hat." *awkward silence*

Queen(Bohemian Rhapsody):

Bob: What is he building?

Me: A monstrosity. :)
by lauren's awesome words September 28, 2010
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Pouring a monster energy drink on a vagina before eating it out to make it taste better.
I pulled a monstrosity on my girlfriend cus she tasted like shit.
by Somedirtykids November 12, 2010
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n 1. A Blunt object used to knock out unsuspecting females by smacking them in the forehead.
n 2. Dave Irwins Penis
v. After jizzing on her face make sure to use the monstrosity to put her ass to sleep.
n. I swear the monstrosity was not hard in smith's pool.
by Smith March 17, 2005
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n. mɒnˈstrɒsɪtɪ
1. The quality or character of being monstrous.
2. A mammoth or colossal being.
3. A beastly specimen among humans, often characterized by ultra manly characteristics. ex. firefighting, use of grizzly products, playing rugby, the wearing of obscenely short shorts and little else, unnatural strength for a man.

4. One whos core is way hard.
You see that guy in the busch light box cowboy hat? That monstrosity just fell off the roof, got right back up, is now doing some ridiculous but addicting dance and singing rugby songs.
by Mort1mer November 25, 2010
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1)A creature that is appalling in physical appearance.

2) A person that has disgusting, monster like features.
That fat bitch over in the corner is a hideous monstrosity, I'de rather die than sleep with that ogre.

My friend is a hideous monstrosity, he looks like the offspring of a drunk hippo and a retarted platypus.
by Crazy Chris and G-Zus March 31, 2005
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a male member that is mammoth in both girth and length.
her pussy gotbeaten to death by that cock monstrosity!!
by D Sanchez March 24, 2005
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