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1. To masturbate in an intense and/or earth-shattering manner.

2. The form of masturbation someone monsterous in personality or appearance exclusively utilizes.

3. An actual monster's masturbation.
"He doesn't simply masturbate to Angelina Jolie, he MONSTERbates to her."

"The Undertaker is only capable of monsterbation - masturbation for him is out of the question."

"Cookie Monster has been known to monsterbate off the SCENT of a cookie alone."
by Jeanette M. April 02, 2008
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To play with your monster. Duh. It makes your palms hairy.
So there I was, bored one evening. Luckily, I had my monster in my closet, so I took it out and MONSTERBATED.
by demonicomelette March 22, 2003
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To touch ones self (I.e: masterbate) to ugly girls with ugly faces.
I didn't want to masterbate normally today, so I looked up some pictures of girls I work with that have really obtuse bodies and tweaked out faces, and I started to monsterbate rapidly.
by Pizzazzman April 11, 2011
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(-ed, -ing) (verb) 1. Pleasuring one's self to Lady GaGa songs. 2. What Lady Gaga does with her vagina and penis. 4. Complete obsession with Lady Gaga
Ex: There is actually people out there who monsterbate.
by GhastlyxGrizzly February 15, 2011
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