Igor is a man of love and affection, if you know a Igor. You are a lucky person. Girls love Igor. When you look at Igor, it’s almost as if you are looking into the stars. The way he walks is attractive, the way he talks is mesmerizing. Don’t catch eye contact you might get lost
Igor would do that
by Igor the legend November 13, 2020
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Igor is a man of love. Igor loves computers and friendship with him will last. Finding someone like Igor is hard. Igor is a person you will have great memorys with and you will never forget.
Mary: who is that guy

gira: oh thats igor
by Sashkadancer July 17, 2017
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The name derives from old Norse, means a genius.
Mary: Thank you Igor, I will build you a monument.
by Igoreto February 19, 2009
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People know about the word/name Igor because of Tyler, the Creator’s new album, but it is actually a Slav name. Dads from Eastern Europe are usually named Igor and they are mainly really funny.
You do realize that Tyler, the Creator did not invent the word Igor, right? My dad who was born in like the 70s is also name Igor.
by Pablothedruglord June 16, 2019
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Igor is a lover who might be annoying but is trust worthy and has a big dick
Bro last night i met igor
by Pumpernickels May 5, 2019
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A name deriving from the Norse. Related to the Norse god Ing, and arr meaning warrior therefore known as Ing's warrior or Ing's defender. This name goes back many years, to the vikings. There have been many great Igor's, Igor Stravinsky (a great composer), Igor Sikorsky (developed the first real helicopter), and many more.
"Did you know that one of Igor Sikorsky's helicopters helped build the CN tower in Toronto, Canada?"
by imaj_0711 June 22, 2009
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Strong, smart, awesome! Can get all girls that walk by him. girls drop their panties at the very sight of him. Can out drink anyone that challenges him! Most powerful person alive. So successful and has lots of money!
Igor is rockin!
by Youknowit2 April 26, 2010
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