A nickname that is Chicana/Latina in origin, Sad Girl usually refers to a tough girl who has suffered extreme hardships (i.e. someone she loves, or more than one person, has gone away for life, or been killed through violence usually street related) and may be quiet or aloof but does not let her suffering drag her down. She is not necessarily affiliated with a gang or club but wears her heritage and her hardships proudly, sometimes in tattoo form.
Watch Mi Vida Loca the movie, Listen to Everlast's Sad Girl.
by Sad Girl September 7, 2006
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Aloof, self-possessed, and reserved. May seem pretentious, but is actually shy. Her calm demeanor masks her social anxiety. The sexiest thing about her is her mysterious nature, and other sad girls and sad boys will gravitate towards her.
X1: “X2, who are your favorite celebrity sad girls?”

X2: “I thought you’d never ask, X1. My faves are Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish, and Loretta Lynn.”
by ShutDesFuckUp August 5, 2019
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(adj) :: opposite of a sad boy, constantly depressed and miserable, only talks about lost love, memories,etc. probably uses some type of substance to “mask the pain” reminiscent of a hollywood noir film . Think 90s grunge heartbroken hipster
Lana del Rey is the perfect example of a SAD GIRL.
by Mr.macabre? December 1, 2020
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the female version of sad boys
Jack: "do you think Jill is okay?"
John: "she'll be fine, she's just one of those sad girls ."
by lextraordinary February 15, 2018
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not in the least bit sad, as her name would suggest. just misunderstood. she is actually the coolest freshman ever
sad girl always has a smile on her face!
by skipper April 11, 2005
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1.to be avoided at all costs.
2. will more than likely be trying to claw at the eyes.
tommy: "sally, what's the matter?" *looks concerned*

sally: "garbaldarga! pete dumped me! kushmuka!" *claws out tommies eyes*

pete: "he shoulda stayed away, sally's a sad girl." *poses and looks cool*
by saphi<3'sronaldmcdonald November 3, 2007
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A girl who is just pathetic. a sad.... sad girl. She is probably unaware of her own sadness as well, which makes the whole situation even sadder. She might also be somewhat of a debbie downer. She might also go to mazemakers.
a sad girl might say- "All I really want is to be a normal teenager, so I guess that means I can't be the headless horseman for halloween."
by Rachel Child January 16, 2007
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