Long sleeve dress shirts with french-style cuffs, usually found in striped patterns and vibrant colors

often worn by pimps; also, replaced throwback jerseys
"can't let a day go
ride without me being fly fresh to death
head to toes till the day I rest
and I don't wear jersey's
im 30 plus
gimmie a crisp pair of jeans
nigga button up's
S.Dot's on my feet
make a sight complete
what more can I say Guru play the beat" --- Jay-Z, What More Can I Say
by Skario December 23, 2004
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To finish, or correctly complete a job.
commonly used by people from a naval or military background.
It took awhile, but, Donny buttoned up that project and we're good to go on our next contract.
by chiefbean1107 May 11, 2009
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Having your act together, being professional, and/or conducting extensive, appropriate, and effective planning. This definition is distinct from another meaning — quiet, non-transparent, secretive, etc.
Unlike in India, the train system in Europe is buttoned up—trains run on time, bathrooms work, conductors check tickets, and accidents are rare.
by SM5682 July 1, 2023
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Adjective used to describe someone or something pure and innocent on the surface but hot and smoldering underneath.
Did you see that new history professor? So buttoned-up sexy.

Wuthering Heights, Anna Karenina, and Pride and Prejudice are truly great books, definitely buttoned-up sexy.
by GuitarDragon November 19, 2020
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To change a subject to avoid an argument.
Alex Polizzi: actually no you need to get ur fucking act together! I’m beginning to get furious!!

Hotel Owner: easy g button up!
by Joetheroadman January 4, 2021
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