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The Whitest school in the United States. Extremely over priced tuition. Were rich over-privilged New Jersey kids attend college. Easy classes, social circles and cliques that are high school like. You have to go off campus to have any sort of fun. Girls here(even the minority girls) only go for white guys unless you're an athlete. People avoid friendship, conversation, eye contant with people who are different then them. Perfect place to go if you want to avoid contact with other cultures.
I drive from Monmouth University up to Rutgers every Thursday night because I actually want to have a fun night.
by ku November 03, 2004
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Monmouth is a school where people ACTUALLY care about each other. It has an undergrad and grad program, is NCAA Division I (our soccer teams are always top ten), and has awesome facilities. The students are really passionate about everything and the administration really listens. There is always something to do and the girls were rated number 1 in Playboy University! That should be reason enough ; GO HAWKS.
Dude, Monmouth University is awesome and the girls are BANGIN'.
by MUHAWKSFLYTOGETHER October 06, 2010
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The bitch above is an idiot. Monmouth University is a place were a bunch of cool ass mother fuckers go, get a damn education, and party on the weekends. Our sports kick ass, good as teams all around, always on top of the NEC. School would be 10 times better if the town would let us develop.
I am happy to say I am graduating from Monmouth University.
by D Cep March 31, 2005
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Community collge with a price tag on it. Modified high school. A school that punishes students that plagiarize with a B instead of an A. A school that gives out A's to prevent girls from crying. A school that will cost you an arm and a leg to go to for a worthless education. Only local rich kids will attend the school. And, no, the sports teams aren't any good. It's not hard to be on the top of a division that consists of reject high school players.
1. He got into Monmouth University with a 900 on his SAT.

2. She went to Monmouth University to recieve training as a bad high school teacher.

by ana hineb September 22, 2005
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Monmouth University is Brookdale for the ashamed/stupid/rich. There are absolutely no requirements to get in because the school sucks. It's in the middle of the whitest/richest county in NJ, and it breeds rich underachievers.
Yea, her parents were too ashamed to send her to Brookdale, so she went to Monmouth instead.
by Britt C May 23, 2005
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A school located in central NJ that nobody knows of.There also is no fun/diversity at monmouth.The only reason many athletes go to monmouth is because they paid for them to come and many athletes regret that decision.
person 1: Hey where do you go to school?
Person 2: I go to school in NJ?
Person 1: If from NJ, which school?
Person 2: Monmouth University
Person 1: ??? Mammouth??? oh never heard of it
Person 2: Its MONMOUTH and I know neither did I
by daboota November 30, 2007
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A school for mostly privledged white kids and athletes that doesn't actually care about it's student's wants and needs.
After years of complaining about lack of good dining hall food, they still won't change it and instead just REDESIGNED the dining hall, nothing seems to work in the art buildings that the students need, people are always needed help for broken things in the res halls at Monmouth University... I'm on my last year here and I still don't like the school because they take so much money and don't even use it to help us!!!
by Mizz M November 20, 2006
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