The acronym for New England Conservatory, a music school in Boston.
NEC beats the shit out of CIM, MSM, and any other three-letter-acronym music schools!
by zhuxx289 November 8, 2009
necs - used by mostly gamers and people who chat alot, who use it for short "Nature Calls"
1337guy : Hey, i think ill go take a leak. BrB necs (:
by Fr34k0o December 13, 2009
Angry little person who has lied about being laid most of his life. Usually a virgin and lives in relatives basement in the middle of nowhere. Claims has a Johnson 13 inches long. Also goes by Nessy.
Michael Paul Lane has been described as a Nec Nec MPL
by Little O April 8, 2009
1) The act of a female lighting a male's hair (in any location on his body) on fire and putting it out with her squirted female ejaculate.
2) The female to male equivalent of charizarding.
She started neccing me which is how I got pink-eye.
I only do girls who know how to nec.
by drfornication March 19, 2014
good. cool. mint. fuckin amazin ect
that was fuckin nec!!!
by jono November 27, 2003
Often associated with Aeneas in Vergil's Aeneid, this Latin phrase translates to "Duty not Booty," and can be used when telling someone to not be distracted by a love interest, but rather to get their work done instead.
Paul: Dang, I'm gonna go out with Trish tonight, she is looking hot.
Tim: But don't you have work?
Paul: Screw work man!

Tim: Just remember Paul, Pietate nec Praedae.
by MJ4300 April 18, 2018